Wednesday, May 2, 2012

… some finished things

polaroid blocks

i never showed you how cute these polaroid blocks turned out. so looking forward to seeing the finished quilt that rachel is putting together for do. good stitches.

Just finished new pillows for the sofa... yay!

or how about these pillows i made for the sofa. i took an invisible zipper class from katie a while back and whipped up a couple of these in no time. and now i have no idea why i was so intimidated by zippers in the first place. (and don't you love that outside oslo fabric? i have been saving it for something special for so long!)

Scrap happy

and speaking of katie, have you seen her book yet? i picked up a copy at a signing at the quilting loft last weekend, where we got to admire quilt samples from the book and also see katie demo some techniques (though i only managed to take one picture of ingrid frolicking in katie's scrap bins). this is some seriously inspiring work! i am particularly smitten with her supernova and psychedelic baby quilts.


and i finally (finally!) finished my abc crewel sampler that i started before ingrid was born. and i do love it so. i'm still not sure what to do about framing, though, so for now it sits on the sofa in the sewing room awaiting inspiration.

as most things do.


  1. Wow, everything looks wonderful, the polaroids, the crewel work, just lovely. The fabric for your pillows is divine!

  2. So wonderful! Polaroids turned out great and you are inspiring me to pick back up on my ABC's just too sweet!

  3. Oooh, so much to love in this post! I think those poloroid blocks are fab and I'd love to make an eye spy quilt that way. I love the sampler, it's on my wishlist (the pattern I mean), and those cushions! The fabric is gorgeous!

  4. How beautiful! Your polaroids turned out perfect, as did your sampler, and of course your little one!! SO, so sweet!

  5. love the little polaroid blocks. So cute---as is the wee one in the scraps : )

  6. Just found your blog, so many lovely quilt pieces, your work is amazing!!! Thanks for putting me onto Drygoods too!! LOVELY fabric :-)