Tuesday, January 22, 2013

… a long-awaited finish


so, i officially started these pillows last june. i guess i am that person who takes seven months to make two pillows.

they weren't really that hard. i am just really that lazy.


this was the first one i started, inspired by this thing i pinned. for this pillow i wanted to stick to an orange/salmon/red/grey/black color palette, but if i make something like this again i might do it in solids to look more like the inspiration photo.


i started the second with the idea of using drunkard's path blocks again, and after playing around with them they morphed into this squiggly, intestine-like design. or maybe they look like tulips?

you can see that in the first pillow there are some small puckers around the curves, something i was struggling with. but then i changed my approach and, using this video, tried sewing my curves without pins, which was a revelation. no more puckers! it seems so counterintuitive, but it really works amazingly well.

for both i did some simple quilting following the curves so as not to complicate things. i think they have kind of a cool 70s vibe going on. i like it.


i backed both with my old stand-by, robert kaufman yarn-dyed essex linen in black. these pillows are destined for a guy, so i had to macho them up just a little. (i know, i know, these colors are not traditionally male, i'm taking a chance here. go with it.) i installed invisible zippers (well, mine are a little visible, i'm not great at this yet) to class things up, using katie's fabulous tutorial. soon, these will be packaged off and shipped to a very cool person.

at last!


  1. Oh these are very cool! Nicely done!

  2. Oooh oooh oooh! Looove these so much. Colours are amazing and especially love that you followed the lines with your quilting. I like the design addition of the triangle of white on top and bottom corners in the first pillow - it really adds to the funky 70's vibe. Thanks for sharing the video - good for a try!

  3. lovely pillows. I like the "tulip" ones, but I like both. The video is great, isn't it? Me being a curves novice made wonderful retro flowers without pins! Wohow! :) I was really surprised last year being it normal to me that I always have problems when trying something new.

  4. These turned out so cool! I love them, AraJane, and I'm sure the guy receiving them will think they were well worth the wait!!

  5. Wonderful!we all have projects like that ; ) at least you finished!

  6. I super love these. I enjoyed watching you start these in June, and they turned out super!

  7. Yes, yes, yes! So glad to see these. You finished them beautifully. Just the right amount of quilting. I love how they're so different but totally a set!