Thursday, January 24, 2013

… my second christmas quilt


yay for finishes! i was finally able to complete my second gifted christmas quilt for my other brother-in-law. only a few weeks late (ahem).


i kind of struggled with this one. it started with a stack of fabrics from my mother-in-law's stash that were red, white and blue, but my husband took one look and nixed that palette. too patriotic. so i decided to add some yellow, but then it looked too much like a little boy's quilt. so i pulled out the brighter yellow and added in a little bit of teal and some grey. i think that made it a little more interesting, but still, looking at the photos after the fact, part of me is still not quite happy with these colors. oh well. i do love the triangles, though!


the back is very simply pieced, but you can see the quilting a bit better here. i simply followed the triangles with some straight-line quilting. i like the look. i think i will always love straight line quilting.



and it appears i have a little photobomber on my hands. i could not keep her off this quilt, for reals. good thing she's cute.


  1. Oh that is a super cute little photo bomber! And a lovely quilt! Have you given it to your brother in law yet? I'm crossing my fingers for a better reaction this time!

  2. "photo bomber" what a cute little label. She ups the goodness factor for sure. But, honestly, my first impression was to enjoy the colors. Looks very sharp!

  3. She is so very cute, and I can see why she loves the quilt! Triangles are awesome, and I agree; straight line quilting is the bestest.

  4. I like triangles, too, and little ones using quilts is always nice, too.