Thursday, April 30, 2009

... a new blog!

i have found myself, of late, descending into a pit of pessimism and dissatisfaction with everything around me. isn't it so easy to find, and then relentlessly dwell on, things you hate in the world? but isn't it more fun to focus on those things that you love? i think so. this is mostly an exercise for myself to see if i can, on a regular basis, find and discuss things that i love in this world, and to see if that, in turn, will turn me into a happier person.

first up, you know what i love? pictures in blogs. specifically, pictures of poppies!

in fact, any papery flower is aces in my book. i love the black centers and bright petals. and in this photo, from several years ago at the sandpoint p-patch, i love the light coming through the stormclouds.