Monday, May 11, 2009

... birthday parties

yesterday the stars aligned perfectly and three events fell on the same day: mother's day, my parents' anniversary, and my nephew's birthday. it was the perfect storm.

kids at play

the focus was on my nephew, gabriel, though. we spend a fair amount of the day at my parents' neighbor's house playing with her 19-month-old, josephine.


it is pretty near impossible to take a photo of anything other than my niece when she is around. olivia will jump into every picture regardless of whether you want her there or not. that's okay, because she's pretty cute.

gabriel & corn

for dinner we had our first corn-on-the-cob of the season. gabriel, the gentleman that he is, thought it was proper to eat it with a knife and fork. after taking this photo i then instructed him on the only way to eat corn: with your hands.

olivia & corn

see? olivia knows how to do it.


josephine couldn't get enough of my camera and we took lots of pictures of ourselves. in fact, shortly after this she decided she wanted it all to herself, which wasn't the best idea, so i put the camera away, which pushed her to tears. ah, well...

gabriel & cake

we brought out the cake and gabriel seemed highly uninterested in it.

how old are you turning today, gabriel?

how old are you, gabriel?

yes, that's three fingers he's holding up.

as much as i love my family and friends, by the time i got home last night after a later-than-i-expected-to-be-on ferry, i was pooped. c greeted me outside by suggesting a trip to tacos guaymas where he could have a quesadilla and i could have a margarita the size of my head.


i did not protest in the least.

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