Thursday, May 21, 2009

... burgermaster


oh, how i love burgermaster. seriously, nothing can turn a day around like a trip to burgermaster. our gym is just north of the one on aurora (yes, that aurora, who's single decent contribution to the world is burgermaster--otherwise it's a cesspool of horribleness), so sometimes on thursday nights after our workout, c and i treat ourselves to a veggie burger on the way home.

burgermaster menu

i love this menu. while eating your burger it's fun to ponder the menu and pick out little bits that read like either poetry or porn names. as in "kiddieburger," "sundaes hot fudge, etc" or "baconmaster." i swear there used to be a "choc chip cookie" but that appears to be gone now.

the tray

i know it's juvenile, but i get a thrill out of eating in my car. i can't help but feel giddy about the whole thing: the deal with turning on your lights for service, the tray on the window, the trying to avoid staring at the people parked across from you. and especially when it's nice outside, having the warm air come in through the windows. love. it.

did you know i also get excited about going through the car wash and pushing the buttons on the elevator?

veggie burger

it also doesn't hurt that their veggie burgers rule. here's an example of basic being best. grilled bun, tasty veggie burger, single slice of cheese, perfectly sliced onions, tomato, pickles, a little bit of shredded lettuce, and mayo on both sides of the bun. and everyone knows that wrapping things in foil makes them instantly, magically delicious.

i just ate one of these a few hours ago, and i'm hungry again just thinking about it.


  1. i went to that exact same burgermaster the year i spent my summer in seattle! (we stopped in during a trip out that way to the aurora avenue home depot). do you ever get the milkshakes there? we liked the chocolate malted one, and also the blackberry one.

  2. I grew up three blocks from here! Even that close, we'd drive up for the express purpose of Dining In Our Car...but in summer we'd ride our bikes. The Burg rules! Get a Tom and Jerry shake--vaguely eggnoggy.

  3. Kim, I've been tempted to get a Tom & Jerry shake since I figured out what it was recently. I love anything eggnoggy. I will reserve some calories for it at my next visit.

    And Michelle, I do usually get the chocolate malted. Yum!

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