Tuesday, May 12, 2009

... cherry almond scones

cherry almond scones

up until a few years ago i was always the person who said i didn't really like scones. i found them generally to be too dry and hard. and then i found this recipe from tom douglas' seattle kitchen, which totally changed my mind. obviously, all the butter and sugar and cream in these helps them be superbly delicious. but nothing beats scones hot from the oven.

cherry almond scones

cherries are my all-time favorite fruit. and almonds are fast becoming my all-time favorite nut (this coming from a person who claims to dislike nuts in general). together they are amazing in these scones. i think that one of the secrets to making these beyond belief is brushing them with heavy cream and sprinkling them with sugar before baking. it gives them a glossy, sugar-crusted top that i love. as with most baked goods, i spread them with a little bit of butter and bunch of jam, and they are incomparable.

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