Tuesday, May 26, 2009

... learning to love the things you don't

i have been trying to look for loveliness in things that i have typically disliked in the past. after all, the list of things i love can only be so long, right? that means i have to add to it continually.


this week i moved fuchsias from the things-i-dislike file over to the things-i-think-i-really-love file. at least, this beautiful white one i ran across at swanson's. it has none of that "hey, look at me! i'm all gaudy pretty showy purple pink red fuchsia-ness!" and a lot more "hey, aren't i lush and pretty and white and green subdued yet unbelievably gorgeous?"


unfortunately all that loveliness comes at a price. specifically, a $90 price that i am currently unwilling to pay.

but at least i can admire it from afar. and add one more to thing to the list of things i love.

1 comment:

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