Monday, May 25, 2009

... long weekends for baking

what i love, probably more than anything at this time in my life, is baking. i love spending time in the kitchen, fiddling around with some new recipe, or bringing out the tried and true recipes. c and i have a little joke: whenever the kitchen is clean and tidy, we look at the bare counters and he asks me, "so, what are you going to bake?" it's like some pavlovian response, whenever i see a clean kitchen i can't help but bust out the flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. i often put on a podcast of the splendid table while i'm baking, and that hour is just about enough time to finish the bulk of the work and get things in the oven. i also have to put on one of my many aprons. it is a sad fact that i will don an apron when i start baking, and then, because it just feels so darn good, i'll leave the apron on for the rest of the day. it's like my version of a bathrobe.

biscotti loaves

this, being a long holiday weekend, was the perfect time to bust out some baked goods. i needed to bake something to contribute to the welcome home basket for our neighbors, who were returning from being away for over a year. we are all very happy to have them back. i figured biscotti would be a nice thing to have on hand, since it only gets better as it dries out. whenever i make biscotti, i always freak out a little after the first baking because those loaves look nothing like biscotti.

cut biscotti

ah, that's more like it. now it's ready to go back into the oven for the second baking.

biscotti baked

these are cherry almond biscotti, from martha stewart's cookies. they didn't turn out quite as dry as i would have liked, so next time i'll leave them in the oven about two minutes longer. still, very delicious.

biscotti packaged

they also looked nice all packaged up.


and the rest looked nice nestled in my new cookie jar.

orla kiely cookie jar

i finally got one of the orla kiely canisters from target. yay!

dark chocolate sour cherry cookies

on sunday we had a couple of get-togethers to attend, so i made the dark chocolate sour cherry cookies, also from the martha stewart book. these were excellent as well. so rich and dark and chewy.

pimm's on the porch

and delicious washed down with a pimm's cup just the way i like it: made with ginger ale, strawberries, cucumber, and fresh mint from the garden.

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