Wednesday, May 20, 2009

... my first quilt top

let's be honest, do i absolutely love it? not entirely. do i love that i made this myself? definitely!

first quilt top

before this quilting class, i had essentially never sewn. sure, i pegged some jeans in high school (oh my goodness, i can't believe i just confessed to that), and i took the home ec class where you sew a pillow that looks like a pizza or a pig, but that's the extent of my sewing history. so, i am pleased as punch that i was able to construct this entire quilt top with my own two hands.

seam ripper

and, unfortunately, my own two hands made quite a few mistakes. the seam ripper became a fast friend. mostly i screwed up when it came time to add the cornerstones and the sashing. even though i felt like my cutting was good and all my finished blocks were generally the correct size, pretty much one entire side of sashing was very, very, very off.

bad sashing


good sashing

but that's what the seam ripper is for! i learned something (possibly an inconsistency with seam allowance), i had fun, i made something tangible and useful, and now i know enough to make as many quilts as i want!

next step: figure out how to quilt this sucker! i am open to suggestions and tips (e.g. hand quilting vs. free motion quilting vs. someone else doing the quilting for me).


  1. I like the quilt top--esp. the owl! Quilting looks like it would be fun to learn. I actually feel a little silly saying I've never really done sewing before (at my age). Like you, I took a home ec class in middle school, where we had to make drawstring bookbags the size of a pillowcase, but that's the extent of my sewing experience/skill. It was actually fun! And, luckily, I wasn't like the boy in my class who had to redo his bag because he was sewing with his project in his lap and accidentally stitched the whole thing into his pants and had to undo it.

  2. that totally sounds like something i would do: sew something into my pants! i am laughing so hard at the visual of that!