Thursday, May 7, 2009

... packages in the mail

purl-soho package

a happy little package from purl soho arrived on my porch today.

package from purl soho

isn't it even happier when they are so beautifully packaged?

the whole order

i meant to get just some solids (a mix of robert kaufman essex and kona cotton), but while i was there i just had to get these cute alexander henrys, too, plus a yellow yuwa sweet grid. i need more yellow in my life.




no, thank you purl soho!


  1. These prints remind me of the best wedding gift ever. My mom's best friend made us some cotton napkins out of vintage tablecloths that were her mother's. They have all these colors, especially the yellows. Something you love reminded me of something I love. :) Your blog is catching. I like it.

  2. thank you, alexis! i love the idea of napkins made out of vintage tablecloths. what a sweet wedding present.