Thursday, May 14, 2009

... planning

4 square plan

since i finished my first quilt top (pictures to come, i swear!), i've been dragging my heels on starting another project. i've accumulated all this lovely fabric and i've been worried about how best to use it. mostly i'm just really scared about screwing everything up. so i've been planning and plotting and sketching and came up with something simple to work on.

plus plan

my original plan for a plus-sign quilt, which i'm shelving until i can finish something simpler.


i started out with just pinks, yellows and aquas, and then decided to add in a little orange to pick up the giant octopi. it's looking a little rainbow-ish, but i'm happy with all the bright colors.


isn't is wonderful when your trash is so pretty?

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  1. I'll tell you what I love: I love this blog. No, you probably don't want me gushing all over here about how great it is, but...the photos you've posted are so colorful and stunning, and everything here just conveys a such sense of joy. And you are such a careful noticer of details and small things!