Saturday, May 2, 2009

... quilting

i have a new crush and i am smitten. on a whim i signed up for a beginner quilting class a couple of months ago and, having just finished the class and nearly finished my first quilt top, am head over heals for this new craft. i have been whiling away hours looking at photos of quilts on flickr, discovering lovely and inspiring and sweet quilting and crafting blogs, and ordering fabrics online that i, apparently, have no ability to live without. yes, i am starting to build my own little stash.

this has all been helped by the boxes of fabric that c brought home that once belonged to his mom. i have been combing through her stash looking for the fabrics that i can incorporate into mine. there have been some lovely discoveries and many that i have passed by. and there have also been many hours of ironing and folding, which, get this, i actually enjoy. i find standing at the ironing board with a stack of fabrics, a pot of tea, and a comedy album (thank you patton oswalt, maria bamford, and mike birbiglia), incredibly comforting and meditative.

and for the past week or so i have been dreaming of quilts and quilting. i have been imagining patterns and quilt tops and all the amazing things i can do with the little piles of fabrics i now possess.

i recognize that i am showing you no photos of the actual quilt i have made. that is coming soon. after i fix some of the most egregious errors in my sewing and after i choose the fabric for the border and finish the top. then, of course, i need to decide how i am going to go about doing the actual quilting. do i try my hand at free motion machine quilting? will my cheap little sewing machine even do that? do i try to hand quilt it? this appeals to me, and yet i suspect this will take me a very, very, very long time, and i'd like to be able to finish more than one quilt a year. do i farm it out to someone with a long arm machine? this strikes me as lazy and not in the spirit of making things yourself. or maybe it's incredibly prudent?

i don't know the answers to these questions yet. but i am looking forward to figuring it all out.


  1. Hope you'll post a picture of your first quilt and of future projects.

  2. ermap, your wish is my command: