Tuesday, May 19, 2009

... the rhododendron species foundation

up until today, i had no idea that i loved the rhododendron species foundation and botanical garden. c suggested a visit, but we were both skeptical because it's located on the weyerhaeuser campus in federal way. frankly, i had visions of an office park with a small island of rhododendrons. and if, like me, you grew up in the pacific northwest, you also kind of start to take rhododendrons for granted after a while. as you can see, my mind was changed.

forgive me, but outside of one photo of an azalea (also a rhododendron, don't cha know) i have no pictures of actual rhododendrons. they were pretty, but there were also so many other pretty things to take pictures of.

pink azalea

this pink azalea was so fragrant, it smelled sweeter than candy. luckily this photo is scratch and sniff, so scratch your monitor gently and you'll get to share the loveliness. wait, it didn't work? ok then, you'll just have to go visit the rhododendron species foundation yourself.

red flowers

maidenhair fern

maidenhair fern, my most favorite of all ferns.

deer fern fiddleheads

or wait, maybe i love deer fern more? their fiddleheads look so dainty in the spring.

busy bee

lots of bees were hard at work today.

himalayan blue poppy

can you believe the color of this himalayan blue poppy? i couldn't, so i had to take this picture to prove it.


bunchberry, which ann lovejoy arthur kruckeberg calls "pure delight." (please excuse the misattribution. i hope ann lovejoy isn't out there hating bunchberry and hating me for thinking that she is purely delighted by it.)

moss on a maple tree


oh, here's a rhododendron flower! floating in a lovely pond that was completely covered in a blanket of aquatic fern.


heh. they said "doody."


  1. for some reason, i forgot you live in seattle, arajane! we were up there this past weekend to visit and such a great time. i adore your city! :)

  2. thanks, angi! (it is angi, right?) i'm so glad you had a nice time in our fair city. i love it here, too!