Sunday, June 28, 2009

... the rotary auction

every year, the weekend before the 4th of july, the bainbridge island rotary has its annual auction & rummage sale. i have only missed it once in the last 10 years, i love it so.


it is so large, and there is so much stuff, that it fills an entire middle school, inside and out. most people don't believe me when i tell them how big it is. the roads are filled with cars from all directions around the school, and you usually have to walk quite a ways from where you park. that's okay, because bainbridge is so beautiful and the walk is always nice.


this year i came over from seattle on an early morning ferry and lined up with the crowds to wait for it to start. after the national anthem is sung, everyone starts running for the things they want. it is a sight not to be missed.


i was more of a saunterer this year. i didn't know what i wanted, but figured i would know when i saw it. i usually go to the lamp room, the art room, housewares, collectibles, and books and games. and, of course, i always browse the giant lot filled with furniture. this year, though, since i've taken up sewing, i realized there were areas for fabric and linens. and it was a gold mine!

but mostly, i just like looking at the crazy things and the crazy people.


more chairs



the good cook

but what did i get, you ask? come back tomorrow to find out!

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