Tuesday, July 21, 2009

... peach tarts

peach tart

not much beats peaches in the summer. except, perhaps, a nectarine, but that's another story. and then there's rainier cherries, which have always been my favorite fruit, but that's four or five more stories. ok, but truly nothing beats a good peach tart. especially when the peaches are just right.

for this tart, baked for book club (#1), i went to great lengths to ensure its deliciousness. the first batch of peaches i picked up were horrible. once i got them home and cut into them i knew there was no way they would make it into my tart. they were somehow simultaneously overripe and underripe, mealy and flavorless. so, i went back to the store and got some juicier, tastier, organic white peaches. much better.

peach tart

and then, of course, there was a debacle with the dough. i can tell you with some assurance that attempting to roll out a pate brisee on an 85° day in a hot old house is a terrible idea. even though i tried to work fast, by the time i got it rolled out it had turned into a pile of glop.

no worries, though, as i just scooped up the bits and pressed them into the tart pan until the whole thing resembled something edible.

actually, this was more then edible. it was very good.

peach tart

the recipe is from my most cherished cookbook, rebecca rather's the pastry queen. every recipe in this book is pure gold. this is the fredericksburg peach cream cheese tart. now please go buy this cookbook (and the her new one), and bake everything in it now!

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  1. Wow, looks amazing! Peaches are one of summer's best treats (in addition to berries and cherries--yes, esp. the Rainiers). I'm especially a fan of white peaches for their unique fragrant sweetness when eaten fresh. But I've never baked with the white kind before. Yum--I probably should!