Saturday, July 11, 2009

... stash building

stash stack

i seriously can't help it. my fabric buying is definitely outpacing my fabric usage. i've been assured that's natural and totally okay, and yet i can't help but feel a bit guilty. that is, until i admire my fabrics again and realize that yes, there is no way i could have lived without them.

fabrics from esther's

a few weeks ago i visited esther's on bainbridge, the fabric store i grew up just a few miles from, and yet never was able to take advantage of because, well, i didn't sew. but what a delightful selection! the kokka trefle on the left is more than i usually spend on fabric, but i couldn't resist. and, of course, there's more alexander henry in there, plus some jay mccarroll woodland wonderland.

amy butler prints

and a visit to the quilting loft yesterday turned up more unnecessary finds, including some amy butler prints that are marked down 20% right now. i had resisted amy butler thus far, but i thought these were lovely and sweet.


i went outside my price range again and finally caved and got a heather ross far far away fat quarter pack. i mean, how can i resist when it's packaged up so sweetly? and, lastly but not leastly, i fell in love with that anna griffin floral print (brown one on top). i could bathe in those colors. in fact, looking at my past purchases it seems i'm really into the brown/orange/pink/blue thing lately. sigh.

now, off to actually sew some things.

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