Monday, August 31, 2009

... a jar full of cookies

cherry almond biscotti

dear friend,

yes, these cherry almond biscotti were originally meant for you. in fact, i baked them specifically with you in mind but, as you can see, they are now nesting happily in my cookie jar and not in yours. you see, they just didn't live up to my high standards of excellency in baking, and i felt ashamed to share them with you. i just didn't find that this batch of biscotti had the proper crunch, and i did not want you to think less of me or my baking skills for that.

however, that doesn't mean that i can't enjoy them with my tea. i am terribly sorry that these didn't end up in your tummy, as originally planned. i hope you can excuse me. perhaps you will find some forgiveness in your heart when i bring over another batch of cookies at a later date. cookies that are as perfect in every way as i hope they will be.

ara jane

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