Tuesday, August 11, 2009

... my deep sea quilt

deep sea quilt

my second quilt top ever, and i dearly love it. i designed it myself, which also pleases me to no end. yes, it's quite simple, and yet the combination of the squares and the sashing makes me very happy.

deep sea quilt up close

i started with a few fabrics from the heather ross mendocino line and added in some other pinks, aquas and yellows. it's a combination i can't get enough of lately. i initially intended to make the sashing in brighter fabrics, but i asked c's opinion and he suggested something more subdued, so i went with some robert kaufman essex linens. and then i wanted to do half of the sashing in white and the other half in that lovely darker aqua, but didn't have enough of the blue and couldn't find more anywhere. so i worked in a paler blue and am ultimately quite happy with the result. i think it looks like gentle sea colors that contrast nicely against the bright bright bright blocks.

deep sea quilt

i still need to make a back, and intend it to have some pieced elements, but haven't quite figured out the rest of it yet. and, of course, i'm still in a quandary over whether to pay someone to quilt this or figure out how to quilt it on my own. hand quilting is now out as an option for me, after having taken a class and realizing that there's no way in hell i will be able to quilt something this large in any reasonable amount of time. suggestions? is machine quilting with a walking foot that difficult to master?

deep sea quilt on the bed


  1. On my first (tiny) quilt, I used a walking foot and I didn't have any problem. I found a good book in the library and just went to it. I hardly know how to use a sewing machine at all - so I think it was pretty easy.

    The other option (which I doubt you'd like...) is to do little ties with embroidery floss.

  2. Wow, I love it too! I don't know anything about quilting so can't be any help but I just wanted to say that your quilt is beautiful and I can't wait to see the finished quilted version :)

  3. I have no advice on quilting, but I had to say how much I adore this palette. It reminds me of snorkeling when I was on Maui years back--the blue waters and white sands punctuated by the tropical colors of the fish.