Sunday, August 2, 2009

... my first jane market bag

jane market bag

this is the first (non-quilt) thing i have ever sewn from a pattern. yay me! i used alicia paulson's pattern, the jane market bag. reading through the pattern for the first time i panicked just a little inside, thinking that i would inevitably screw it up somehow. but the pattern was so easy to follow, with great photographs illustrating most of the steps, that i would have had to work very, very hard to make any mistakes.

fabrics for jane market bag

actually, i confess that i did make one mistake, purely my own fault. i was so excited as i was nearing the end, that i initially sewed the handles on backwards, even while saying to myself, "don't sew the handles on wrong. don't sew the handles on wrong. don't sew the handles on wrong." but that's what my old friend, the seam ripper is for, right?

i was so thrilled with the bag, that as soon at it was done i walked over to the store with my fancy tote for some groceries that i somehow convinced myself i needed immediately. and, as you may have noticed, i called this my first jane market bag, as i have plans to make many more.

jane market bag

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  1. Gorgeous bag. Your sewing is impressive, Ara Jane! The colors of the fabrics in all of our sewing-related pictures are always so uplifting and bright.