Tuesday, August 4, 2009

... my new print

peace be still

this little print makes me so happy. finding it made it feel like it was meant for me.

let's go back several months. my friend alice put together a mix cd for our book club (that's a whole other story for another day, though), and on it was a gospel song, "peace be still" by the reverend james cleveland and the angelic choir. i became obsessed with this song. i listened to this song on repeat for weeks in my car. i thought about the lyrics constantly. the song played on a continuous loop in my head day and night. perhaps i heard it at just the right time in my life. or perhaps the song is just remarkable on its own.

let me say, for those who still don't know, i am not remotely religious. i do not really believe in god. and yet i find gospel music stirring and beautiful. and this song and this sentiment give me chills.

have a listen.

i particularly love when he sings, "carest thou not that we perish?" and his voice climbs up and up and up in question on the "perish". ooh, it gives me goosebumps every time!

ok, so second half of the story. i have been reading this mormon woman's popular blog for the past year, and recently saw a cute little print that read, "i am a child of god" on one of cjane's auxillary blogs. while i don't believe that sentiment personally, i thought the print was sweet and colorful, so i clicked through to the printmaker's etsy shop, and it was there that i discovered my peace be still print. i loved it so much i also got one for alice, who, it turns out, may be as obsessed as i am with the song. and when the orders shipped, susan also included two mini-prints (one of the "child of god" prints, and one "give us this day our daily bread" print). yes, all these prints make me look like a religious fanatic, and yet i don't really care.

if i actually worried about these things, i probably wouldn't be very happy.

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