Wednesday, August 5, 2009

... national night out

official night out

on saturday i realized, with a start, that national night out was only a few short days away, and our neighborhood hadn't yet organized our block party. yipes! fortunately, we are a scrappy and determined bunch and we threw together an impromptu gathering in the street, and even managed to register our party within an hour of the deadline so we could be all official-like. yay!

the between-the-lines story here, is that i adore my neighbors. who wouldn't love this bunch?

walter & chris

street closed!

neighbors gathering


lindsey in sunset

chris & george

and what's a block party without some killer food? there were multiple grills (one just for veggie dogs--thanks chris!), an amazing salmon fresh from lindsey's smoker, some tasty salads, chips, guacamole, olives, cheese, figs from walter and anita's tree, watermelon, and blondies (which i baked). it is possible that i am still full from last night.

food table



and we know what's important for a good party...


and, of course, kids. plenty of kids.






too close!

this one's a real handful. and yet unbelievably adorable.

officer maxwell made an appearance, and made us all junior detectives. perhaps that was meant for the kids, but i think us adults will make much better detectives, no?

officer maxwell & the junior detectives

fortunately things wrapped up before we got too drunk punchy.

end of night

sunset on bbq

what did you do for national night out?

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