Tuesday, September 8, 2009

... game night with friends

isn't it nice when friends are kind enough to invite you over for game night? and they offer to make you dinner? and they serve you lovely pink sparkling wine, to boot? oh man, that's what i call the best night ever.

jen and therese's dutch bikes

the first order of business, though, was to admire jen and therese's new dutch bikes. i mean, holy guacamole! am i jealous, or what? i think therese is wiping my drool of the seat in that picture up there. c has promised me that we will get ourselves some dutch bikes as we forgo our scotland vacation this month. because, as we all know, a dutch bike is a vacation on wheels. and that's a vacation that you get to take every day. it's a win win win.


jen unearthed this photobooth catastrophe from our college days. what on earth was i thinking with that hat?

actually, i know exactly what i was thinking. i was thinking, "i want to be just like blossom!" it won't surprise you to know that i also wore lots of overalls, overall dresses, and blue flowered doc martens. ugh.


okay, back to adulthood. i, in my tasteful white tee, j crew jeans, frye boots, and completely inoffensive cozy grey sweater (see, i am an adult, i am!) sipped on a glass of prosecco while we watched jen fry up a batch of beet latkes. yes, that's right, beet latkes.

beet latkes

seriously, they were delicious. and pink. and pretty.

settlers, cookie, bubbly

oh, and settlers! the best board game ever (the bad news: i did not win). our discussion, for a while, was around the five things that someone would put in a trap to catch you. jen's was pretty much the picture above (settlers, cookies, and sparkling pink wine). therese's included custard (excellent choice!), scotch, a microscope, old books, and insect specimens. i would bait c's trap with pizza. he also says that vintage electric guitars would get him. plus books. lots of books. i am certain that the five things that would catch me are a giant pot of hot black tea with half and half, cookies/cake/sweets/whatever, home decorating magazines, pretty fabric, and reality television.

what are the five things that would, without fail, catch you?


  1. Hmm... Good question! I think you could catch me with any word game involving anagraming (boggle, scrabble, bananagrams etc.), colorful socks, fruit (especially peaches, cherries, mangoes, or any berry), pie, and I think pretty fabric would catch me too.

  2. Settlers is great! Some friends introduced me to the game and taught me to play over the summer. As far as five things, hmmm....probably the following: tea (esp. a good cup of darjeeling), wine (red or white--it doesn't matter), sunflowers, fresh berries of any kind, and Lush bath b0mbs.

  3. oh, word games! those might get me, too, elizabeth. boggle is my weakness.

    and you've reminded me, michelle, how much i love fresh flowers in the house. in fact, your comment inspired me to go out and get some lovely dahlias for our dining room table. so happy now.