Monday, September 28, 2009

... my second summerhouse pillow

summerhouse pillow

it seems somehow appropriate that i finished this pillow yesterday, in the fading light of the setting sun after a gorgeous seattle day. today the dark clouds blew in, the wind whipped through the trees, and the skies have been threatening rain (which will most certainly start tonight). while i am thrilled (thrilled!) that autumn is coming, it seems almost sad to say goodbye to summer. but what better way to remember the beautiful last few months than with another summerhouse pillow.

this was even easier to sew the second time around, and the piping looks better on this one than the first. whew! and yay for me! as you can see, i still can't get enough of the brown/blue/pink combo.

i am also very pleased with the new home these pillows have found on our guest bed.

summerhouse pillows

now don't you want to come stay with me for a while? i make delicious scones.