Wednesday, September 16, 2009

... old friends


i had the most amazing time in la this weekend. seeing stephanie, who i haven't seen since college, was a super treat, as was celebrating her birthday with her.


however, this trip proved to me what a horribly unreliable picture-taker i am when on vacation. i took all of two pictures the entire weekend. and you just saw them.

cutter, me and stephanie

fortunately, stephanie had taken one of us with our old friend cutter at her party. yay! did you know that we all met when stephanie cast both cutter and i in the play the dining room my sophomore year of college? it's true!

but this trip also reminded me how lucky i've been in the last couple of months. i've had all sorts of old friends resurface lately, and it's been thrilling and a wonderful reminder of all the amazing people i've known in my life.

a couple of weeks ago we had a mini-reunion with some old bastyr peeps.

bastyr peeps

bastyr peeps

doesn't everyone look much happier and healthier not being in school anymore?

and shannon, my best most amazing friend from mount holyoke, came through seattle a few weeks ago and we got to meet briefly for breakfast. she is as beautiful as ever.


and silly. beautiful and silly.


and going back to july, we had a 20 year reunion of our theater exchange with smile, a youth theater group from novosibirsk, siberia.

smile/greasepaint reunion


oh man, this was truly mind blowing, gathering with old friends from my old theater group and seeing the few russians who made it out to the reunion. it was a reminder of how lucky i was to be able to travel to the soviet union at age 15 and get to have this kind of experience.



it is a fine balance, revisiting the past without becoming too nostalgic. at times, over the past few months, i may have slipped into the realm of over-nostalgia (isn't it tempting, though?), but overall it has been a wonderful reminder of the lovely life i have led. so far.

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