Monday, September 21, 2009

... señor moose cafe


entomadadas. slow cooked tomato salsa with roasted chilis. huevos rancheros. sopes con huevos. tomatillo salsa. strong coffee with cream. huevos divorciados especiales. enchiladas de puya. tortitas de papa con queso. huevos con nopalitos. all topped with giant dollops of sour cream and avocado.

moose mug

i have few words to add to the above to tell you how great--no, how wonderful--señor moose cafe is. sometimes i dream about the food. some days i declare to be "ballard tuesday" so we can take a field trip to ballard for señor moose, the quilting loft, and swanson's.


but mostly it's for the señor moose.


  1. Looks & sounds delicious. What is this I keep hearing and seeing in various places about the goodness that is Senor Moose? I noticed that someone I know on FB just posted some brunch pictures from there after a recent Seattle visit (and I'm assuming there is only one, one-and-only Senor Moose). Now I'm so hungry!!!

  2. michelle, next time you come to seattle you must try senor moose. best mexican food i've had in seattle. yum!