Wednesday, September 30, 2009

... summertime


today is the last day of september. and that's making me nostalgic for the summer. which is silly, because summer is really not my favorite season. but this one... this one really got me. i guess all that sun just may have managed to warm my cold, hard heart.

but here are some outtakes from my summer. things or events which didn't quite make the cut here, but will be happily remembered nonetheless.

picnic on a city bench

a city picnic on a bench in front of the library.

face painting on the 4th of july

faces being painted in preparation for 4th of july celebrations.

corn & tomato pie

corn and tomato pie, which, despite the crummy picture, was actually insanely delicious.

rainbow chard

rainbow chard from the farm share. lots of rainbow chard from the farm share.

cafe lago

finally having the lasagne at cafe lago. highly recommended.

dahlia garden

the dahlia garden at volunteer park. which, in fact, is probably still going strong.

see, there's a little bit of summer left somewhere.

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