Monday, September 7, 2009

... walking to the store on a rainy sunday morning

sometimes when i'm planning on baking something and i realize that i'm short an ingredient i get all grumpy about having to put on actual clothes and shoes and go to the store. i've even been known to drag my feet (literally) all tantrum style in order to delay having to go outside. but most days i love that i get to make that 10 minute walk through the park to the whole foods and back again. (wait, i'm supposed to be boycotting whole foods right now, aren't i? whoops.) today i especially loved it because it was pretty much pouring sheets of rain all morning and everything was green and shiny and smelled so very nice.

let's see what my little walk looks like.

down 16th


i like to travel prepared.


puddles are no match for my awesome wellies.

park path>

but let's keep walking.


boy howdy, do i love this park.



there are some beautiful gardens to admire on this route.


now that i've got the goods from the store, it's time to turn around and head home. it has stopped raining by this time.


suzy's garden

almost there.

our garden

it always feels nice to come home, even after a short jaunt to the store.

now, time to make this place smell like cookies.


  1. beautiful pictures. with the captions, i felt like i was really on a walk with you. now i want some cookies. :P

  2. thank you so much, drea! you are welcome to join me on my (virtual) walk anytime.