Wednesday, October 14, 2009

... corduroy mansions

alexander mccall smith's serial novel, corduroy mansions, started up again a few weeks ago and i couldn't be happier. it's an online novel that you can you can either read on the telegraph website or listen to the podcast, though i highly encourage the podcast... it's read by andrew sachs and the theme music makes me giddy every time i hear it.

the first book in the series is already finished, so if you haven't heard it yet you can start there to got caught up on all the action (in fact, a bound version of the book came out this summer). then start listening to the second book, the dog who came in from the cold, where my favorite character, the pimlico terrier freddie de la hay, plays a central role.

my favorite way to start a day is to make some oatmeal and a pot of tea, play a few rounds of carcassonne with my sweetie, and listen to the newest corduroy mansions chapter. cozy autumn mornings, indeed.

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  1. Thanks for the baby congrats, Miss Arajane. By the way, you know what I love? This blog. (Sorry, I am the corniest.) Seriously though, I look forward to your lovely photography and good ideas.