Wednesday, October 7, 2009

... freshly baked bread

loaf front

i got a bee in my bonnet this weekend and felt the immediate need for homemade bread. (seems like i get lots of bees in bonnet. one would think i have a bonnet positively buzzing with bees, no?) unfortunately the words "immediate" and "homemade bread" don't really go well together, but cut to five hours later and i got to satisfy my craving. and it was worth it.

i am a fan of the tassajara bread book, which appears to have been recently reissued in a deluxe edition. this time i made the basic tassajara bread recipe, using a combination of whole wheat and white flours. it may have been my most successful bread to date. and even though i have a kitchenaid stand mixer with a dough hook, i still chose to knead it by hand. isn't it just better that way?

loaf top

and a few days later it is still delicious toasted with jam.

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