Sunday, November 29, 2009

... the aquarium

sea life

i have been looking for an excuse to go to the remodeled seattle aquarium for years, but it's kind of hard to when you're an adult. but when you have kids coming to stay with you for the long holiday weekend, and you're desperate for things to occupy their time, it's the perfect excuse!


you wouldn't believe how lovely and amazing everything was. or maybe you would. i'm too squeamish to touch the anemones and sea cucumbers, but the kids certainly aren't.

sea urchins

sea urchins are so cool. when you stick a finger into the spines they "taste" your skin. neat!


i am simultaneously fascinated and creeped out by the octopus. i mean, look at that eye. [shiver]


we watched lots of things being fed. the diver in the tank feeding the fish. the feeding of the seals and the otters. the otters are the best. so good in fact, i couldn't bear to stop watching to take pictures. how can you blame me?

sea stars

what a lovely day. the kids loved it almost as much as i did.

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  1. Great post! I really enjoyed the photos :)
    I absolutely *love* aquariums too. I mean, I really really love them. I could stay there for hours just gazing into the blue. The London Aquarium is one of the only 'museums' in London that you have to pay for - and it's quite expensive, but I merrily go anyway. My favourite things there are the mini jellyfish, and I am also very fond of the seahorses, anemonemonemones and sea urchins. I might have to pay them a visit soon!