Monday, November 23, 2009

... brunch with friends


when good friends you haven't seen in months (months!) invite you over for brunch, you go. no question. i seriously love this group of friends, who i usually see during our summer croquet season but, since it's been typically cold and rainy, seattle-style, i haven't seen in ages.

toast with dutch sprinkles

but all is mended over a lovely brunch with delicious coffee, baked eggs, scones, and freshly baked bread topped with dutch sprinkles (no joke).

sprinkles (from holland!)

noah & esther

and did i mention babies who have nearly doubled in size since i saw them last? gah!


what a perfect way to spend a grey, rainy sunday morning.


  1. What a perfect looking brunch - I love the sprinkles on bread idea, so pretty and I bet it's delicious too! What fun!
    That blue and white china is *so* beautiful, and i love that last picture of the coffee.

  2. I myself am rather fond of that tablecloth. Sweet!