Thursday, December 31, 2009

... the end of 2009


i have made every effort to be positive about 2009, what with starting this here blog this year and trying to celebrate all the good in life, but that doesn't mean i won't be sorry to say goodbye to it tonight. honestly, this was a stinker of a year for me and i have every hope that 2010 will be 10 times better!

unfortunately i am ringing out the year with a nasty cold. and i have a new year's day party to prepare for. so that meant a few hours in front of the television watching some horrible movies and cutting out the felt circles for my party garland. for every few dots i cut out and added to the pile of dots, i blew my nose and added it to the pile of tissues.

garland making

one happy pile, and one sad pile. such is life.

i hope all of you have the most fabulous of new year's eves and that the coming year brings you all the joy, love, and beauty you can stand. (and for me, i selfishly hope i wake up fresh and revived and cold-free in 2010.)

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  1. Oh no, I hope you feel better soon. I've never seen that Jaws film but 'He's not that into you' was indeed a truly terrible movie. But, you know, sometimes that's just fine - good, even. Hope you have fun at the party - the garland looks very pretty. 2009 was a spectacularly horrible year for me too - so here's to 2010! Happy new year!