Friday, December 4, 2009

... pie night!

my friend and neighbor lindsey has been trying to orchestrate a pie-making night for many months now. and fortunately the stars aligned this week and lindsey, jenn, winter, sandy, and i were all able to convene for a night of pie making, pie eating, and wine drinking.

three happy pies

jenn crafting her crust

jenn's apple pie

jenn makin' it happen, cap'n.

tomato pie

sandy made an amazing tomato pie ahead of time for us to enjoy whilst we made the sweet pies. ohmygoodnesssogood!


the wine was delicious, too.

admiring the pies

jenn with her pie

all in all, the pies were both lovely to look at and required much admiring.

lindsey's key lime pie

three small slices

and also much eating.

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