Sunday, March 28, 2010

... my little folks voile quilt

little folks quilt in a sunny glow

oh, how i love this quilt. i love everything about it.

little folks quilt front and back

from the voile patchwork top to the flannel back, it is the softest, coziest quilt ever.

little folks quilt on the chair

it was heavily, heavily, heavily inspired by this one from ashley over at film in the fridge. i took one look at her quilt, looked at my own stack of little folks voile fat quarters in the sugar cookie colorway, and knew this was the quilt i needed to make for my friend christine's first baby.

the shower was this afternoon, and i cut things a little too close. i was sewing the binding on this morning and didn't even have time to wash it before i had to wrap it up. (obviously, there was time to take a few photos. priorities, right?)

little folks quilt

the squares were all cut to 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches, and this wee quilt measures 36 x 36 inches. as ashley did, i added in a few of the dobby dots to punch up the color and make things a little less pink. i love the effect. it gives it an intense east indian wedding/buddhist monk saffron robe/pink sari/marigold/orchid look.

folksy flannel back on little folks quilt

and did i mention how soft it is? the back is just some simple, pieced, folksy flannel.


the binding is kisii by maggie maye for michael miller. it kind of pushes it over the top pink-wise, but i still love it.

binding necklace

i used this clever trick that i learned over at the sometimes crafter to sew on the binding. you just roll the binding off of the string around your neck as you sew it onto the quilt.

easy peasy lemon squeezy!


  1. Wow, lady, you are a quilt-making machine! This is amazing. I remember when you posted about your first quilt top not very long ago at all, and NOW look at you go - I feel quite inspired. It's beautiful, and the binding-around-the-neck thing is a very good idea indeed. Lucky baby!

  2. this is beautiful. i'm dying to make a little folks quilt for myself...

  3. Wow! This quilt is stunning. And love that binding-around-the-neck tip--I'm going to have to try that!

  4. That is so pretty! I love the Little Folks line!!!

  5. I love the X quilting over each square. That really adds dimension!

  6. I came across this just googling the Little Folks fabric but I couldn't leave the blog without saying how beautiful this is. I love the back, too!