Tuesday, March 9, 2010

... pink flowers

english daisies

a recent trip to swanson's turned up springy inspiration in the form of a multitude of pink flowers. i fell so in love with these sweet little english daisies (and they're perennials... perfect!) that we took home a few and planted them by the front steps so i can see them every day as i come and go.


i love all kinds of saxifrage, but this one with sweet waxy looking pink flowers that rise up from the greenery make me go all moony. and those little yellow guys aren't too shabby either.

flowering quince

every year i admire the flowering quince when it blossoms at the same time as the forsythia, and every year i completely forget what it's called. but not this year! every time i see it now i say to myself, 'flowering quince, flowering quince, flowering quince!" this beautiful, pale pink variety is different than the more coral pink ones you usually see, but i am seriously in love with the way it resembles those japanese glass flowers... you know the ones i'm talking about, right?

ah well, for now i will just go back to my daydream of airy pink petals, tidy little flower heads, and a sea of pinky goodness.

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  1. Pretty flowers! I esp love the quince blossom picture. I love the magical, delicate beauty of pink blossoms in spring.