Saturday, April 3, 2010

... hot cross buns

let's put this in the category of holidays-i-don't-necessarily-believe-in-but-love-to-bake-for (i mean, aren't we all a little too old to believe in the easter bunny?). but seriously, aren't hot cross buns the best?

hot cross buns

i have a thing for just slightly sweet yeasted breads with dried fruits and a touch of icing.

hot cross buns

after trying a few over the years, the recipe i've finally landed on is from beth hensperger's bread bible. it has currants and dried apricots and not one, but two glazes! the first is a simple sugar syrup that you brush over the buns just after they emerge from the oven to give them that shiny crunchy coating. the second is a super tasty lemon icing to make the crosses, with both fresh lemon juice and lemon zest.

hot cross buns

i think the dried apricots are the real secret ingredient here.

hot cross buns

between these that i made today and the hot cross buns a patient brought me yesterday, i have pretty much eaten nothing but buns in the last 24 hours.

a belly full of buns.


  1. Hot cross buns! This post made me happy. They look so perfect and the lemon icing sounds divine.

    I've just discovered the joy of a hot cross bun split and filled with a crumbling slice of really sharp, mature cheddar. Sounds strange, but so good.

  2. Hot cross buns! I just had some for breakfast - for the third day in the row.

    I don't 'believe' in Easter per se, but I do believe in celebrating whenever you can, and I love the ritual foods associated with this season and its Christian festivals - pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, simnel cake, hot cross buns and Easter eggs. I think it's so important to stop and to think and to remember what life is all about, and there is something about church festivals, so entrenched in our culture here, that give me particular pause for thought.

    Hooray for celebrating! I am definitely hoping to make my own buns next year. Thank you for the recipe! And Happy Easter!