Saturday, May 29, 2010

... organizing


last weekend i took a look at my stacks of fabric and noticed a few half-yards that were folded funny. so i naturally decided to iron and refold the offending fabrics.

solids stash

cut to the end of the day when i had ironed and refolded my entire stash.

refolded stash

i regret nothing.


  1. Beautiful! Wanna iron and fold mine next?


  2. It looks so pretty. I must do this with my fabric stash. It is all washed, but I am sorry to say, none of it is ironed. Maybe today is the day.

  3. Ooh, me too - I love organizing! Today I got a new jewelry box, which required destashing like half of my jewelry (oh, those high school styles!). It feels good to have everything just so again. Your fabric stacks look heavenly over your design wall!

  4. It's kind of a snowball-type effect, isn't it?

    Makes for great photos! (Love those blocks on your wall, too!)...

  5. Gushing over your stash. What a wonderful playground!!

  6. That looks so nice! Definitely inspiring :)

  7. Wow I am very jealous - of both your beautifully arranged (and ironed) stash and the creative space you have. Looks lovely!