Tuesday, June 8, 2010

... awesome etsy sellers


i adore this fabric. don't you? it seriously tickles me every time i look at it.

it's from a lovely etsy seller, aunt june, who also has the most delightful blog over yonder. i found this ship fabric via flickr and once i laid eyes on it i knew i had to have it.


i mean, come on... ships!

so i ordered a couple of fat quarters, and one shipped immediately along with an apology that the second would be along shortly. well, turns out that spoonflower was backed up and lauren was in the process of moving house, so it took a while longer than she anticipated, so when she sent the second fat quarter she also included a bonus gift of this most adorable bird fabric! and honestly, this whole timeline was only a couple of weeks, so i wasn't put out at all, and yet she was sweet enough to think of me and send a little something extra with my order.


and this is why i love etsy so much. not only is it a place for me to find delightful, independently designed fabrics like this, but also a chance to interact with the sweetest, loveliest folks ever.

thank you, lauren! i can't wait to start sewing with your awesome designs.


  1. They are all so cute! Lucky girl!

  2. Love that boat fabric--and the bonus birds--what a fun surprise.

    Do you read Lauren's blog? She has such a great sense of humor, and her quilts are amazing.

  3. Hey there! I've been following your blog and must say I think your "you know what i love?" title/post lead in is so clever! It must make it easy to choose a title.

    It'll be fun to see what you make with that fabric. I'm itching to get some Tufted Tweets myself!