Monday, June 21, 2010

... hibernating

hst in orange

i don't know what my deal has been lately. maybe it's been the cold seattle weather, of which i am usually the most enthusiastic cheerleader, but may finally be starting to get to me, after months and months of the same cold wet sameness. maybe it's been the fact that i've been reading like a madwoman, motivated by the aforementioned weather and the comforting thought of hunkering down with a good book and a hot mug of tea. or maybe it's the fact that i've been slavishly working at the same quilt for almost a month now and have had nothing new to report. just more of the same same same same quilting.

though i'm happy to report that i just finished sewing the binding on this afternoon and soon there will be pictures to prove it! and did i mention that this is the first quilt i've completed for myself? so, so thrilled.

so to prove that i am still enthusiastic about this process pledge, i will show you some things that have been knocking around my brain and my creative space of late.


hst sketches

some quick sketches i've been doing in some of my idle moments.


bonus points for any fellow geeks who know what this quilt sketch is inspired by.



some stacks of fabric that i've pulled recently, though not quite sure what they will become yet.


and i was invited to take part in this super cool charity quilting bee, do. good stitches, by the lovely rachel over at stitched in color. i'm really excited at the prospect of working with a bunch of talented quilters and donating our end results to charity. can't wait for this to get started in a couple of months!

until then, it's back to the comfort of my sofa and a warm blanket. now, where's my tea?


  1. That's Settlers of Catan, right? I just became addicted :)

    I love your wavey sketch. Reminds me of a roller coaster.

    Appreciate your cold. Here in SC it's been 100 degrees for weeks. Dying.

    Thanks for linking to do. Good Stitches. Our membership level is over the top ;0)

    And, lastly, is that red and aqua in process up there? If so, you beat me!

  2. The Catan quilt sketch is great. That's a clever idea! Some friends taught me how to play the game last year, and now another friend is trying to tempt me to cave in to playing with her (and her husband) online. You have so many bright colors in your fabric collection!