Thursday, July 29, 2010

... eating in portland

the sugar cube

portland has my heart when it comes to food. especially food served out of a cart. i don't know why it is that when an establishment has wheels (or at least, the prospect of wheels) the food suddenly seems exponentially delicious.

pine state biscuits

pine state biscuits

first stop: pine state biscuits on alberta. (ok, not a food cart, but i believe its roots were of the cart variety.) yum. i had a delicious collard greens and egg-topped biscuit with some spicy sauce, and c had a great veggie biscuits and gravy. i will go back again, for sure.

next stop, pok pok for dinner. no pictures. maybe because it was dark or maybe because the food was really good, but not great. though the grilled sweet corn with coconut milk was seriously amazing.


for breakfast on day two: bloop! no lie, a food cart that serves nothing but oatmeal (ok, in reality it's a shared food cart that in the morning serves oatmeal and then they turn it over to a vegan bowl-based food cart... great idea, no?). but it's all cooked to order and it's seriously delicious. and oatmeal is my most favorite of breakfasts, so i'm quite partial to the concept.


i had the apple cider oatmeal and c had the peanut butter banana dream. wow.

the whole bowl

for lunch we stopped by the downtown whole bowl. they serve one thing, but boy is it a delicious thing! i have a suspicion that the secret tali sauce may be very similar to the now defunct gravity bar's lemon flax dressing, but i'm not entirely sure. whatever the case, it was yummy.

solar waffles

for lunch 2: electric boogaloo we stopped by solar waffle. i liked the savory mushroom waffle just fine (and the whole non-profit, solar powered business is great), but the scene was this weird we-don't-really-care-crusty-hippie-thing that didn't jive with me. i like my food clean with minimal hawking of loogies, thank you very much.

ken's artisan pizza

dinner was a true neopolitan-style pizza at ken's artisan pizza. i read some reviews beforehand, many of which mentioned that the pizza was too burnt, which i dismissed because who doesn't love little burned bits on their wood oven baked pizza? but, to be honest, it seriously was burned. like, the entire crust. which is a shame because the pizza could have been great. if only they took it out of the oven about 45 seconds sooner.


day three breakfast was at broder, my most favorite breakfast place in portland. abelskiver and scandinavian decor and very good coffee and blurry pictures abound!

garden state

before heading out of the city, we stopped at the mississippi marketplace for a three-course food cart lunch. the appetizer was some amazing chickpea fries from garden state served up with the surliness one would expect from new jersey.

sushi tree

next up was veggie sushi from the sushi tree. we had to wait forever since the rice needed to cool, but i don't mind at all since the ladies making the sushi were so sweet, we got to eat edamame while we waited, and the sushi was fan-freaking-tastic.

the sugar cube

and lastly, the long-awaited sugar cube offered us dessert for the road. we got a highway to heaven cupcake (lots of moist dense chocolate and ganache and salted caramel), and the acclaimed triple threat chocolate cookie. i might be ashamed to admit that we also had the vanilla bean lemonade and a fizzy lifting drink had i not enjoyed them so very much.

the sugar cube

and now, i will eat salad for the next year to make up for these three days of gluttony. or, at least, until i return to portland again.


  1. Doesn't look like you ate a bacon topped donut. I heart Portland. Come Spring let's all take the train and go fabric shopping and eat.

  2. Everyone needs three days of gluttony every now and then. I'm envious, the only food I can buy from a cart without going to a fair are hotdogs. Not the same by a long shot.

  3. wow, so many of these are new to me. portland is a-happen'! must go back soon.