Thursday, July 1, 2010

... inspiration

blocks plan

since i finished my last quilt i've been at a bit of a standstill. i've had lots of thoughtsicles forming in the ol' noggin lately, but nothing i felt ready to develop quite yet. so yesterday i just started cutting based on this sketch i did a few weeks ago.

blue blocks strips

and then this happened.

blue blocks

and then this became that.

blue blocks grid

and then a bunch of those became this.

and after looking at it for a while, i'm thinking my original idea maybe isn't the best thing, and it might go in a different direction. but that's okay. i hope.

quilt inspiration

some more inspiration. my eye is on making that grey/white half square triangle jobbie come to life in a quilt someday. but that orange maze-like pattern is also quite inspiring, no?

quilt inspiration

also, this caught my eye whilst driving down the freeway the other week. something about those colors was intriguing. or maybe it was the stripes? i dunno, i'm just going to hold onto this until i either remember what i wanted to do with it or i decide i was crazy for even taking this picture in the first place.


  1. No kidding on the "yikes"! That would be a lot of squares. It is looking great.

    That's the thing about inspiration.... what to do with ALL of it!

  2. Wouldn't that orange one be gorgeous, especially w/ different scraps for the orange?

    I am forever seeing future quilts while driving!

  3. that orange pattern would be SO fun! Even in a bright aqua color! Where did you find those? Is that a quilting book or just a random photo?

    As for the van well i have to say i would have been inspired enough to take a photo as well! It's an era thing those browns/oranges/yellows paired with a fun multi-sized stripe pattern is very much reminescent of the brown Tupperware and orange carpet our parents all had before we convinced them the 70's were gone!

    I would use it simple...just copy the colors and stripes on a quilt top exactly as the van and slap some kona solid brown on the back!

  4. that's a page torn form elle decor magazine. it was a one-page feature on anni albers. she was a printmaker and textile designer, but i feel she must have been inspired by quilts. after staring at these for a while, that's all i see!

  5. Ooh. That's a fun color combo. Love the blue squares; I constantly forget how much I love solids without any prints busying them up. And don't worry, I've done the same thing - only I was trying to photograph a Nixon campaign bumper sticker.