Tuesday, July 20, 2010

... salsa party!

mixing salsa

gael, of the famous cookie party, and also the miss america party and the f1 monaco grand prix party and the world cup parties and, honestly, every fabulous party you can think of, had us over last (last) weekend for a salsa making party.

how cool is that!?

chopping tomatoes

i think that, in this case, too many cooks in the kitchen was a very good thing. collectively we chopped and diced and squeezed and stirred and tasted until we had just the right salsa.

chopped onions

our first was a classic tomato salsa that we all wanted a little on the spicy side.

chilis and onions

therefore, a lot of jalapeños and serranos were required.

francine's hands

francine was the chili-cutting master. or mistress. or whatever. i was just happy not to have this job.

mango and black beans

mixing mango salsa

mango and lime juice

we also made a lovely, sweet, mango and black bean salsa. i took home two jars of this and have been enjoying it very much.

salsa party decor

of course, a gael party isn't complete without appropriate decorations.


and a most delicious sangria.

bubble parade

all followed by sweet miss kelly demonstrating her moves with her deluxe bubble maker. (i still want to know what a bubble parade is, by the way!)

salsa parts


  1. what a fun idea! In my former life, I was the friend who hosted parties like this...once we did a girls-only party where everyone brought an ingredient for the salad bar and a new friend. there were forty people in my very-constructiony house and we did all kinds of cool questions & activities--it was awesome.

    now, I'm lucky to make tacos. sigh. but I have a cute kid, so it all balances out. :)

  2. a salsa party--how fun! it sounds like this friend of yours has the best and most creative parties. that salsa (and all of the fresh ingredients) look fabulous.

  3. Oh I think I need to make some peach sangria.

  4. Mmmmm boy does that salsa look delicious!