Thursday, September 9, 2010

... inertia

nyrb blur

even i am surprised by my lack of motivation these days.

can you believe that instead of actually doing something i roamed the house taking photos just to document my own laziness?

wait, does that count as doing something?

quilt top

so many unfinished projects.


so many things to not do. so little time.


this is what happens when you forget about your knitting project for the past six months and the moths go to town on your business. so many holes. yup, it's been frogged.


and this is what happens when you decide to sort all your books, but lose interest halfway through the project.

fiction shelved

the fiction made it onto the shelves (alphabetized even!) but i'm unhappy with the layout. this will be reorganized. at a later date, obviously.


nyrb gets its own special area. i will always heart nyrb.


  1. i've kind of been that way lately too. i'll share the mojo if I find it :)

  2. I also have so many unfinished projects, and I keep starting new ones:) Your unfinished projects look beautiful, and at least you know that they will be there waiting for you when you feel inspired to complete them.

  3. Oh my at the stacks of books-- one wrong move and minor disaster would occur! I know because I took on that project last year when we moved into our house and disaster did occur ;)

  4. Oh my if you live anywhere near me (so cal) we really ought to get together and have a motivate each other play date!! I am in the same kind of funk....seems like I have been for too long! This happens to me more than I'd like it to but it doesn't usually last this long. Ugh! Maybe I should show the world my piles of laziness around the house...has that help you to get motivated at all? If it works let me know I'll pull out my camera right away...or maybe in the morning...really probably not till Saturday...but(insert realistic date of motivation here...haha)

    Oh and I must not leave with out noting that I am insanely jealous of all the natural light in your home!! Seriously jealous!! My poor 1951 home has a HUGE picture window but just in the prefect lightless place!

  5. Ara Jane, I've developed a new-found appreciation for unfinished projects, or "works-in-progress" in the past few years. I think that once and for all, it was school and being entrenched in the world of research that taught me that no, nothing is ever "finished". Even when you think it is, you quickly learn you have to go back and change it. (Hard for a girl like myself, who has always had a history of wanting things to be final with the deal signed and sealed and delivered before moving on to the next thing). Your home library/book collection: wow! It's like you read a book a week. ;-)

  6. I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only one who runs out of motivation! My very wise nephew told me that having several unfinished projects is a sign of very high intelligence. I liked that; I'm going with that as my excuse :) Embrace and enjoy the inertia... like everything in life, it will pass.

  7. Your stack of books took my breath away. Totally worth taking pictures! And, it's a lovely post.

  8. Just pick up two scraps and sew them will make it go away.

  9. Your inertia is our gain, thanks for the beautiful photos. Oh, to have that Pacific Northwest light!