Tuesday, November 30, 2010

... november in retrospect

paperbark in the snow

i just can't let november completely pass by without posting something. i'll be honest, this month really slipped through my fingers. i've felt one step behind in nearly everything. and when i look back on the month it almost seems like i accomplished nothing. and yet, when i look at some of my pictures from the month, i know i did at least a little something.

modern quilt guild meeting

modern quilt guild meeting

modern quilt guild meeting

modern quilt guild meeting

modern quilt guild meeting

like attend a modern quilt guild meeting and admire the work of my amazing quilting cohorts. aren't these projects so inspiring?

snowy yard

beautyberry in the snow

and experience the first snow of the year, which surprised us seattleites who aren't used to so much white stuff so early in the season (or at all, for that matter). never mind that the snowpocalypse came just when our furnace fan decided to go kaput. sure, we had two and half days of no heat while it was about 12 degrees out, but it was an adventure. right?


pumpkin pie

buttermilk rolls

i got to do some thanksgiving baking and made a maple pumpkin pie (yum!) and some seriously delicious buttermilk rolls (via rice and wheat via michael ruhlman).

string blocks (together)

tree quilt

and i did a little sewing myself, though not at all enough. i finished some bee blocks (and mailed them out in time... yay me!) and managed to piece the top for the tree quilt for do. good stitches. seriously, how great is this quilt top? if it wouldn't be so wrong to keep it for myself, i would, i love it that much. i am constantly impressed with the creativity and diversity that comes from this little group of sewists.

here's to hoping the next month brings some more inspiration and magic.

but i have a feeling that good things are in store for me in december.

a very good feeling.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

... bee blocks

tree blocks

today was catch-up day for me. i was a bit behind in my do. good stitches bee blocks. and the blocks that were late were for the quilt that i am putting together. yipes! to be fair, i haven't yet received all the blocks from all the members, so it's not like it was waiting on me or anything. but still.


my request was for scrappy tree blocks in any style, just so long as the trees were all surrounded in white. i was hoping for a forest of trees and i'm super pleased with the diversity of blocks i got. i'm glad i waited until i received most of the blocks because i feel like the quilt needs some smaller trees, so that's what i focused on. i also wanted to add more color to unite the quilt. mission accomplished. and, excluding the white, these trees are made entirely of scraps.

i am so in love with these blocks, i had a selfish moment where i thought i just might keep them for myself. sigh.


i'm looking forward to getting this put together and off to wrap them in love, and hoping i can get that done in the next week or so. fingers crossed for feelings of motivation and lack of distractions.

purple and orange log cabin blocks

i also sent off my october blocks last week to jennifer of that girl that quilt. she asked for log cabins in purple and orange. purple! i had, like, one fabric in purple in my stash, so i was quite happy to discover that innocent crush has some great purples and oranges, which served as the foundation fabrics for my blocks. honestly, though, i'm torn between loving these and finding them horribly obnoxious.

what do you think?