Tuesday, December 28, 2010

... new york

hotel view of new york

i didn't mean for this much time to pass, but december always gets away from me. what with the holidays and getting married and other important life events, the rest of this month passed in a sort of blur that i'm only sort of coming out of. hopefully i will fully emerge in time for the new year.

but i wanted to show some highlights from our new york trip, which really was nearly as thrilling as getting married.


confession: the original reason behind our trip was to see yo la tengo's 8 nights of hanukkah at maxwell's in hoboken. we got tickets to three nights of shows, and it was so worth it. obviously, yo la tengo is the greatest and each show was different and exciting, but among the surprise guests we got to see our favorite comedian, eugene mirman (you can read a write-up of the night over at brooklyn vegan, which incidentally, includes a photo of me onstage with eugene and in which you can probably see i was nervous as all getout), great stand-up by jim gaffigan and wyatt cenac, and i discovered my new favorite band, the parting gifts.

seriously, they are so great. they make me want to dance around and/or get things done. and these are things i really need right about now. so do yourself a favor and listen to this song. yum!

purl soho

i also made time to stop by purl soho. it was as lovely in person as i'd imagined it to be. however, i was so overwhelmed with all the gorgeous fabrics and yarns, that i couldn't decide what to get, except for a loverly little fat eighth bundle of liberty fabrics that is so pretty i may never cut into it.



we also swung by mood, just to ogle the goods and ooh and ahh. i didn't get anything there, since outside of the world of quilting cottons i know nothing about fabric, but it sure made for good eye candy and was also fun to imagine all the project runway contestants running up and down the endless aisles. i can now see why everyone is so insanely crazy on the show. so many choices! such chaos!


and you can't go to new york without eating pizza, which i did at least a couple of time. and speaking of good food, i had one of the most amazing meals of my life at kajitsu, which serves japanese vegetarian temple cuisine. the food was so good and so pretty i couldn't bear to spoil the night by taking pictures. i would go back there in a second should i be in new york again. it was worth every penny.

i also got to eat at one of my most-idealized, most-looked-forward-to restaurants, shopsin's. when we got there, kenny shopsin was out front in a chair sleeping away and i so very much wanted to take a picture, but i also didn't want to get kicked out. and it so happened that whilst we were enjoying our delicious food (banana nut bread pudding french toast for me... wowzers!) we got to witness a group being lectured and then ousted. i have now had the perfect shopsin's experience and my life is complete. huzzah!



on our last day we braved the chilly windy city for a walk on the high line. such a beautiful idea for a park in such an unlikely location.

me on the highline

(and ok, here's me, in pretty much the only photo of myself i've liked in the past few years, which probably means that it looks nothing like me. but still.)


it was so cold that day, with snow flurries and icy winds, that we had to warm up with some hot cocoa before heading back to catch our plane home.

thank you, new york, for the wonderful time and for sending me home the most happily married woman.


  1. Congratulations again, Ara! I SO want to go to NY, but my husband is not game. Someday.

    Glad to have you back to blogging!

  2. What a fun trip! Makes me want to visit NY since I haven't been there in forever. Also, I think December is a very auspicious and special time to get married--my parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary this month!

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