Monday, February 7, 2011

... a good mail week

it's been a while since i've bought new fabric. but this last week brought me the best mail ever.

new fabric stack

first off, i actually won a yard of fabric from sew, mama, sew! it's my very first online giveaway win. yay, me! (honestly, i was about to give up on even entering giveaways, so this was a happy, happy event indeed.) i selected a yard of robert kaufman metro living rings in marigold. clearly a color i can never get enough of in a perfectly simple and pleasing print. thanks sew, mama, sew!

then i got the kona cotton solids i was waiting for (ordered from pink chalk) to continue work on my party napkins quilt. seriously, aren't those colors the best?

handmade beginnings

and, through a whole other story i need to tell some other time, my amazing neighbors got me a gift certificate to anna maria horner's online shop as a wedding present. i know, right?! i went crazy and got four yards of folksy flannels, a whole stack of little folks voiles (you can never have too much, is what i say), and my very own copy of handmade beginnings, a book i've been wanting since i found out i was pregnant.

little folks voile

such welcome deliveries in the happiest of colors to brighten up these grey february days.


  1. I love Handmade Beginnings, it's such a sweet book! I'm going to make some of the toys from it for number two baby, and I think the toddler might have to have his own handmade dolly to look after while i'm looking after baby.

    Oh, and well done on the giveaway win too! I live in hope of winning one one day :)

  2. I just love the colors! I love yellow :)

  3. Is there a way to subscribe to your blog, I love reading yours!!

  4. Great colors! If those don't brighten up a gray winter day, I don't know what will.