Wednesday, March 23, 2011

... the little things

whew! at last, i'm coming out of a several-day funk. i think the combination of pregnancy hormones + the final episode of big love + bad news about a good friend + the most unrelentingly painful acid reflux = extreme weepiness for two days straight. but now that i think i've put my finger on the cause of the reflux (sugar is my worst enemy... good news/bad news, right?) and finally got a really good night's sleep, and seattle's beautiful spring weather showed its pretty face today... well, i woke up a changed woman. and it's the simple things that are delighting me.

more ranunculus

like a posy of cheery ranunculus on the dining room table. i just can't get enough ranunculus.

receiving blanket

or a flannel and cotton lawn receiving blanket i whipped up for my little snowdrop. (i still want to make more of these.)


or a stack of new fabrics delivered to my mailbox fresh from hawthorne threads. i probably don't need any more fabric, but a sad girl's gotta do whatever she can to cheer herself up, right?

yup, things are looking up.


  1. Oh, you poor thing! I get horrendous acid reflux when I'm pregnant - it started at about 24 weeks this time and is still going strong at almost-39 weeks. For some reason being dehydrated makes mine worse.

    Glad you've managed to cheer yourself up, and love the sweet baby blanket.

  2. Such beautiful photos. I love those Ranunculus -- one of my favorite flowers. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Those are my favorite flowers, too! Beautiful! Seeing them just brightened my day. Hope things get better for you :)

  4. So glad to hear that things are looking up. A little sunshine does a lot of good for the soul. Beautiful receiving blanket...I kind of want to cuddle up in it!

  5. Glad that things are looking up. I've had a week of the blahs/weepies myself. Seeing the sunshine really helped perk me up!

  6. Lovely little things. I don't know if I've ever really "seen" a ranunculus before. What's with that? They're gorgeous!

  7. Most of that list of issues I can't help with, but over the counter Pepcid/Zantac worked WONDERS for me when I was pregnant. You have to take it religiously every 12 hours, but I swear, it made life livable again.

  8. Oh I bawled at the end of Big Love, so sad.

  9. I have to agree with the Pepcid comment...I had horrible heart burn (I have a 12 week old) it works wonders and is totally safe for baby!
    I am also cursing you for posting that lovely stack of fabric :) I promptly went to Hawthorne Threads and invested in a ton of fabric (with no particular projects for it...breaking the cardinal rule!)
    I love Hawthorne Threads though!
    Good luck with your pregnancy and thanks for the suggestions on the Seattle fabric shops, I went to Stitches which was ok...not very well laid out and to Fabric Crush which was GORGEOUS! I also got to eat cupcakes at that little cupcake shop on the mall. How amazing is that place? If I had been pregnant in Seattle I would have been there every day!

  10. Spring weather has a magic way of being uplifting. The ranunculus flowers are pretty and bright. Glad things are looking up now.

  11. Love the recieving blanket! Last episode of Big Love, please tell me you don't mean forever... just the season? I'm in the UK and we're only on season 1 over here but I LOVE it. It was on years ago, just the first season and I thought they'd only ever made one, then we got a new cable channel and ta da, there it is! 5 seasons I think?