Tuesday, April 19, 2011

... color!

bee blocks

in the form of blocks made for the april round of do. good stitches. the colors struck me as so springy and eastery, that i just had to photograph them out in the grass (in the sun, no less!) these will be heading out to natalie of greenleaf goods very shortly.


and i just wanted to show you this roll of loveliness that will be the binding on my latest quilt. so much color, so much happiness. i can't get enough.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

... projects in motion

there are lots of little things going on around here, despite the quiet. the read-a-thon was terrific. i managed to make it nearly 19 hours before my tired, pregnant body forced me to finally go to sleep. but i read a lot of great books and had the perfect day relaxing at home doing one of the things i love most.


for the past two weeks i've been working on a special project that i haven't been ready to show off yet, but i finished quilting it today and i anticipate being done by this weekend.

teddy in a baby hat

i also finished this sweet baby cap (pattern and notes on ravelry) for our little snowdrop. since i didn't have my own baby's head on which to model the hat, i let my childhood teddy bear model it for you all. isn't he the cutest?

teddy hat profile

i love the all the points and the little chin strap tie. so cute! (cute enough to erase the memory of how difficult a time i had with the pattern and how many times i had to rip it out and start again.) i knit up the 6 month size since that will be about the age of my little one when winter sets in.

i still have to block it (blocking... ugh) but otherwise, it feels so very good to finish something for my baby.

Friday, April 8, 2011

... another read-a-thon!

Read-a-Thon stack

yup, it's time for another read-a-thon! you may remember that i did this last october and had an insanely good time. i even managed to stay awake and read for 23 1/2 hours. i know, i know, i just couldn't make it that last half hour for the life of me. and, to be perfectly honest, i don't have much faith in myself of making it even that long this time, what with being pregnant, and constantly tired, and not even able to partake in caffeine. but i'll give it my best shot and have fun in the process.

you can swing by my book blog tomorrow and see what i'm up to if you're so inclined. we start 5am sharp and i'll be doing hourly updates!