Friday, April 8, 2011

... another read-a-thon!

Read-a-Thon stack

yup, it's time for another read-a-thon! you may remember that i did this last october and had an insanely good time. i even managed to stay awake and read for 23 1/2 hours. i know, i know, i just couldn't make it that last half hour for the life of me. and, to be perfectly honest, i don't have much faith in myself of making it even that long this time, what with being pregnant, and constantly tired, and not even able to partake in caffeine. but i'll give it my best shot and have fun in the process.

you can swing by my book blog tomorrow and see what i'm up to if you're so inclined. we start 5am sharp and i'll be doing hourly updates!


  1. Go you! Tell me how you like Cranford. I want an excuse to buy that one. I've just started a whopping 500 pg volume today for book club. Tally ho!

  2. Sure reading is fun, but you would be jealous of what I scored on the 50%off rack!